REVIEW: Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)

REVIEW: Call Of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360)

I can get this review of Call Of Duty: Black Ops out of the way remarkably quickly. With two words as a matter of fact: Massively Disappointing.

COD: Modern Warfare, World At War and Modern Warfare 2 were awesome games, Black Ops isn’t. Simple as that. Even ignoring the slightly retarded storyline, mental AI and woefully short gameplay time, Black Ops is a game that seems to be based around letting you blunder around trying to figure out what you are supposed to be doing, rather than telling you, or even better, giving you a hint…

It will simply throw wave after wave of never-ending enemies at you until you move forward to a certain point, utterly negating any form of “tactics” and reducing the gameplay to “shoot loads of bad guys, then charge suicidally forward to the next bit of cover and hopefully make it”

That said, it does have some redeeming features – the graphics are very good, some of the weapons – particularly the crossbow with explosive bolts – are extremely amusing and the level where you get to fly a massive Russian Hind helicopter down a Vietnamese river destroying everything that moves is huge fun.

But it’s simply not enough to save what should have been a brilliant game from becoming frustrating and annoying after a remarkably short time.

Rated: R16

Reviewed on: Xbox 360

Also Available on: PS3, PC

Rating: 3/5

Decent in places, but overall far from what it should have been. Disappointing.


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