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Racer By Day, Getaway Driver By Night

In this video XCAR takes a look at Roy “The Weasel” James, possibly the greatest getaway driver the world of crime has ever known. But at heart he was a racing driver and this video looks at how he went from racing other racers to ...

How to drive a Model T

We got the short teaser last week – this week the XCAR boys bring us their full-length video on the legendary ...


Here we have a rarity – the first ever XCAR video review from 100 years ago! Bet you didn’t know that digital video technology has been around that long…

XCAR AWARDS – Best Classic

Like us here at OVERSTEER, they like to mix the new with the… less new at XCAR, and this year they had a whole host of awesome classics to play with. Which oldie was more golden than the rest?

XCAR Aston Martin special

In their latest video Drew from XCAR takes a look at Aston Martin, including the DB5 and the Centenary Vanquish, as well as a quick history of the legendary company. The Aston Martin DB5 is probably one of the most famous car in the world. Drew takes a look at how Aston Martin got to the creation of this masterpiece and tries to figure out if the Centenary Vanquish is as worth at representing the company’s achievements.