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Busting bad guys, 70s-style!

While we would like to think that arrests in the 1970s by American cops were all tyre-howling car chases and improbable gun battles where no-one runs out of ammo, that just wasn’t the case. Basically, Hollywood lied to us… This wonderfully retro video shows us exactly how a police officer should stop and arrest a car load of wrong-doers without getting his head blown off back in the decade of soggy suspension. Having very co-operative criminals seems to be the key. Maybe modern ...

No Joke…

No Joke…
Hear the one about the man who put a BMW V10 and Porsche GT3 brakes in a Volvo? No? That’s probably because ...

Leno and the Tumbler

Apparently Wednesday was “Batman Day”. This was news to us too, but to celebrate it, here is a video ...


The Speedshow was on in the weekend – here is a selection of some of OVERSTEER’s favourites from the event!

Buy this Barina

So no doubt you have sold (or tried to sell) an old car before, but I bet you haven’t done it like this guy… Australian David Johns wanted to sell his 1999 Barina, so used his experience as a digital director to make this brilliant ad and accompanying website. We have absolutely no idea if it will make it easier for him to sell the little shitbox Barina, but it IS awesome nonetheless! Check out the website here:

Kimi mows ’em down

Everyone’s favourite mumbly alcoholic Finn looks to have a pretty strong future in lawnmower racing, if this video is anything to go by. Kimi Raikkonen took on ex-racers-turned-commentators Martin Brundle, Anthony Davidson and Johnny Herbert in the lawnmower race in the days leading up to the British Grand Prix. This one worked out a bit better for him.

Flat out!

It has been a while since the incredible Mark Higgins broke his own lap record for a car around the Isle of Man TT course, but the video of his lap from inside the car and with a commentary from the man himself has just surfaced. And it is very much worth a watch..

Best pic of a Honda Jazz ever!

Best pic of a Honda Jazz ever!
Had a crap day? Then this should make you smile… An elderly couple in Bel Air somehow managed to tip their Honda Jazz on its side – but instead of panicking, they posed for possibly the greatest picture of all time. It is not entirely clear exactly how the driver managed to tip the Jazz over, but both were unhurt and her husband even managed to climb out of the (now skyward-facing) passenger’s door to get help. And pose for this awesome picture.     Elderly ...