Game update!

Game update!

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Remember me? Sorry I’ve been away so long, I have been super busy creating the Oversteer game.

There have been many, many changes over these last few months, most notably, the visual style of the game has had a complete overhaul. The game also sports a new name; ‘The Drive – Devil’s Run’.

The aesthetic change came about upon realising that trying to make the next Need for Speed was rather ambitious for a single developer. The game was looking great but going down the “photorealistic” route meant I’d need an incredible amount of 3D assets to populate the scenery.

After reading a bit on optimising games made with Unity, I decided to go “cartoon style”, as it serves two purposes; lessening the amount of 3D assets needed and also increasing performance, which is particularly important for getting the game to run on older mobile devices.

I’d like to thank the artists Tim Evans and Ash Jackson for the wonderfully painted textures you see in the shots.

Other big news is that The Drive has a major publisher behind it now. I’m not sure if I’m legally allowed to say who it is yet (as nothing is signed) but this is a big step and will help ensure that the game gets the exposure needed to be a success!

So, what’s left to be done? Well, I need to finish one of the car models, then it’s really just a matter of fixing loads of little things. The core of the game has been done. It’s playable from start to finish and it’s a good sign that I really enjoy playing it!

I don’t like throwing dates around as I can never manage to stick to them (so far I’m several months overdue as it is) but I’d like to think that the game will be with the publishers within the next few weeks. It really is almost done.

Right, I’d better get back to my exciting Friday night of sitting in front of the television, alone with my cats, so I’ll leave you to have a look at some pretty pictures.


Karly Warly.


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  • Alan

    This is looking awesome, I love the Auto Modellista style graphics.

    I hope you can include tilt steering for us old farts that have never gotten used to virtual buttons.