REVIEW: Killzone 3 (PS3)

REVIEW: Killzone 3 (PS3)

Killzone 2 took a lot of flack because its graphics weren’t so hot (despite what the original trailers suggested…) but was forgiven (a little bit…) because it had a great story and likable characters.

Well, Sony and game developer Guerilla obviously decided to fix that particular imbalance with Killzone 3 by making the graphics utterly awesome. And the story decidedly lame…

I guess you can’t win ‘em all, but while a decent story has become an integral part of the modern gaming experience, it is still the actual gameplay that counts the most, and fortunately Killzone 3 excels here too.

Unlikable, shallow, boring, two-dimensional – that about sums up the characters in the game, but the action (not to mention the ultra-violence – this is not one for the kiddies…) is top notch. The controls are precise and convincing – you almost feel like you can feel the kick of the sniper rifle as you let off a shot that shatters a distant enemy’s head – and the action utterly relentless as wave after wave of beautifully rendered and animated Helghast (the bad guys) come pouring at you.

KIllzone 3 supports the PlayStation Move motion controller and features 3D support (which by all accounts makes the graphical experience even more spectacular…) but, as always, it is the multiplayer support that can make or break a First Person Shooter like Killzone 3.

Fortunately for fans of multi-player, Killzone 3’s multi-player mode is excellent. Just like the graphics.

Starting to get the picture that I like the graphics? Well, I do. It’s just as well the rest of the game is capable of backing up the awesome looks. Except for the story, that is…

Rated: 16

Reviewed on: PS3

Also Available on: n/a

Rating: 4/5 Stunning graphics, frantic gameplay, lame story. Ah, well… two outta three ain’t bad. In fact, in this case, it’s pretty good indeed!


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