Social Media – we’re all over that!

Social Media – we’re all over that!

We just liked this pic

Today OVERSTEER is proud (and a little bit hungover, but that’s another story) to launch our NEW short road tests feature!

Really short, that is. In fact, 140 characters or less short.

That’s right, we are now doing road tests via Twitter. Possibly the first (we haven’t really bothered checking) and only website to attempt Twitter-based road tests (possibly because it’s not a very good idea?), you will be able to follow the shortened nonsense on the Twitter by following @UndersteerNZ (see what we did there? Ha!) or if you have no idea what Twitter is, then just go here to read all the truncated fun.

Of course this is a great opportunity to remind you of our other social media thingies as well, so while you are at Twitter you can also follow our regular feed or car-based (and sometimes alcohol-fueled) twitterations on @OversteerNZ.

Then you can surf across to Facebook and like our page there too! Go on, you know you want to…

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