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F1 Guitar

Mario Torrado is an amazing guitarist. Although, having said that, we have no idea if he can actually play music on one. But he doesn’t need to, because Mario can play F1 car sounds and he does it brilliantly! The video above shows Mario reproducing Rubens Barrichello’s pole lap record of Monza in a V10 Ferrari in 2004, but he has many others on his YouTube channel that are all worth checking out. At maximum volume, of course.

How to paint your Ferrari

Take a fat, steaming pile of marketing bollocks, a Ferrari California T and a clever artist with a few buckets of UV paint and mix everything up in a wind tunnel, and what do you get? Well… this really. Ferrari USA were concerned that not enough people considered the California T a “work of art” (most likely because it isn’t…) so got Swiss artist Fabian Oefner  to create this stunning video. While we are still in no way convinced that the Maserati-ish ...