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FIRST DRIVE: Subaru Outback

FIRST DRIVE: Subaru Outback
Much like the Skoda Octavia Scout that was launched only a short while before it, the Subaru Outback could always easily have been mistaken for a Legacy wagon with a jacked up ride and added plastic. Except now two things make that not the case – firstly, there will no longer be a Legacy wagon and, secondly, Subaru ...

Flat out!

It has been a while since the incredible Mark Higgins broke his own lap record for a car around the Isle of Man TT course, but the video of his lap from inside the car and with a commentary from the man himself has just surfaced. And it is very much worth a watch..

Grand Theft Fido

Now, we are not entirely sure if this is a genuine ad from Subaru Russia or a clever amateur attempt – we don’t read Russian, after all – but it is brilliant either way! Set up like a ubiquitous Russian dash-cam video, it features a woman running over a dog. Not the best premise for an ad, to be sure, but stick with it because it gets much, much better!