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Muscle where it matters: XCAR drives a Shelby Mustang

The latest video from our friends at XCAR sees them driving an automotive legend – a Shelby Mustang GT S/C. A big supercharged V8, loads of power and a truly apocalyptic noise, the Shelby Mustang GT is all that is American and then some. That is probably why it makes sense at home, but not really anywhere else. Watch what the XCAR team thinks and enjoy!

Maloo goes mental

Maloo goes mental
HSV today released details of the latest bout of supercharged silliness that has gripped them, possessing them to build and released the GTS Maloo – a 430kW/740Nm ute. Yes, that is now a thing, thanks to the frenzied, clearly disturbed minds at HSV in Australia jamming the 6.2-litre supercharged LSA V8 into the company’s already-extreme version of the venerable Holden load-hauler. In a press release from HSV today, Managing Director Tim Jackson said, “We have been working on ...

Release the Draguar!

It’s over a year old, but this video from the guys at Roadkill where they buy an elderly Jaguar XJ for $1,000, throw a blower on it in a parking lot then drive it across California to go drag racing (using car washes to cool the engine along the way!) is brilliant! It’s painfully slow, it drops its guts all over the track, but it is still completely awesome!