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Finally! A new Podcast episode!

Finally! A new Podcast episode!
Yes, we realise it has been quite a while, but the 11th and latest episode of the NZ Motoring Podcast is available now! In it Damien and David discuss the Top Ten cars eligible for the NZ Motoring Writers’ Guild/AA Car of the Year award and 12-cylinder cars – all from inside a Bentley Continental GT Speed. Plus we talk to the organiser of the Shitbox Rally, James Freeman.You can listen to the episode right here on the OVERSTEER website, check it out on Soundcloud, head over to the NZ ...

Aston Martin Vulcan: Exclusive First Look

Aston Martin is entering the hypercar race with the Vulcan, a limited edition track only special. 24 of the 600kW+ hypercars will be released. XCAR spoke to the car’s designer, Marek Reichman, about his creation.

12 cylinders of awesome and the wind in your hair

Sometimes a car is completely wrong for the conditions you have it in. When that happens you just have to tough it out and drive it anyway, just like the XCAR lads did when they had the awesome Aston Martin V12 Vantage S Roadster during a snowy British winter. Life is hard sometimes…