90 SECOND TEST – Audi S1 Sportback

We here at OVERSTEER love nothing more than a GOOD Hot Hatch – and the Audi S1 is a Hot Hatch done properly!

Taking the basic premise of jamming a big, powerful engine into a very small car, the Audi S1 packs the 170kW turbo engine out of the VW Golf GTi, slaps a quattro 4WD system on it and lets it loose all over the nearest winding road with feral enthusiasm.

While $59,900 is a lot of money for a very small car, the S1 packs some incredible performance for that kind of money, so it is pretty much a performance bargain.

As always, you can hear more of David and Damien’s thoughts on the Audi S1 and many other things in Episode 4 of the NZ Motoring Podcast, which you can find by clicking here!

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