90 Second Test – Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk

Welcome to the first ever OVERSTEER/NZ Motoring Podcast 90 Second Test!

The 90 Second Tests will feature some of the cars Damien and David talk about on the NZ Motoring Podcast, but with exciting and pretty moving pictures known as “video” for you to enjoy as well.

We will be doing one or two from each podcast, as well as the occasional bonus test not featured in the podcast, just as a special treat between episodes!

The first 90 Second Test comes from the first NZ Motoring Podcast and features the Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.

While we kind of liked the Cherokee, the Trailhawk version utterly won us over with its prodigious off-road ability, tough and over-the-top looks and highly specced interior.

For the rest of the first podcast (and other episodes) you can head over to www.nzmotoringpodcast.com to listen or subscribe!

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