Development Diary Update!

Development Diary Update!

Hello again, everyone. I know it’s been a while, but rest assured, the only reason I haven’t been updating you guys regularly on the game progress is because I’ve been, um… progressing the game!

Things have changed a fair bit. I came to the realisation that I was developing a game around an In App Purchasing system, rather than designing a game around fun. Yes, loading your games with consumable IAP and inserting pay walls such as timers can make you wealthy but I really don’t want to go down that route. I want to create a game that, more than anything else, I want to play. I figure that if I make something that I pick up and enjoy every day, there’s bound to be a few more of you out there who will also like it.

So. Gone is the short course, pay to proceed gymkhana game. Whilst I like the idea of a gymkhana game (I’m a fan of those stages in Dirt 3), I like the idea of a point to point, street racer, complete with smart AI opponents and traffic even more. Two of my favourite racing games of all time are the original Test Drive and Need For Speed (3DO version) games, so expect something along those lines from Oversteer. In fact, I have even been getting some insight into how NFS was made from that game’s lead artist, who is also onboard as a casual tester!

As for progress reports, a lot has been happening. I have written the AI code for the traffic. All that remains for the computer controlled cars is a placement system and the some tweaks to the code so it can also be used for your opponent and cops, yes, cops!

That was another reason for changing tack. I figured a single player gymkhana game would get a bit “samey”. So Oversteer will feature the option to race against a skilled CPU opponent, or you can simply try to beat the clock in a solo outing. I’m also looking into the possibility of realtime multiplayer, though I can’t promise that that will make it into the first iteration of the game.

As well as the traffic system, I have designed the first track and it plays nicely. Currently it’s just mapped with placeholder checker textures and there is no roadside or background, but when I am 100% happy with the layout and how the game is playing, I’ll get to work on prettying everything up.

So how do these changes affect the IAP system? Well, for starters, there will be no pay walls, no timers, no consumable IAP. I’m aiming to launch the game with three tracks (each split into three segments) and eight or nine cars. Initially one track will be free, as will three of the cars, the others available via IAP. The game itself will remain free and you’ll get a fair bit of content, as each track is pretty darned massive! I will also be releasing new tracks and cars regularly, both free and paid (I gotta eat).

As far as the cars go, I have three completed models and they are looking great!

Well, that’s about it from me. I’m hoping to have the AI system completed by the end of next week, so I will have a fully playable track, albeit with placeholder graphics. That will be the first milestone and after that, all that is left is building the environments and linking everything together.

I’m HOPING that Oversteer will be ready for launch in late April/early May. I am a one man team, so it could take a little longer, but I’m fairly confident I can get it done in that time. Fingers crossed!

Bye for now!

Karly Warly.

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