The Drive: Devil’s Run is here!

After months of slaving, it is here! Many hairs have been pulled and I’m quite bald now (though some say that’s just due to age) but I am proud to announce the arrival of The Drive: Devil’s Run on iOS (Android version to follow).

The game is spread across three stages, all set in an area known as The Devil’s Run.

Five cars are available, ranging from an easy to control, yet not-so-speedy classic hatch, all the way up to an early nineties supercar that is an absolute handful!

I’ve had loads of fun working on this game and I have also had loads of fun playing it. I hope you do too!

At the time of writing this, the game is available in the NZ iTunes store but it will be available worldwide by the time you lay your eyes on these words (which kinda made this last sentence pointless – oh well…)

Oh, right, forgot the important part… here’s the link to it!!!

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