The first NZ Motoring Podcast!

The first NZ Motoring Podcast!

Well, it has been promised and now it is finally here – the first ever NZ Motoring Podcast!

If you have ever wanted to hear OVERSTEER’s Damien O’Carroll and fellow motoring journo David Linklater talk bollocks about cars and motoring, then you now have your chance to do just that. On a regular basis too!

Just head across to this link to hear the first in an ongoing series of motoring podcasts we are proud to bring to you in association with Global Voice Media, the producers of the always excellent NZ Tech Podcast, that you should also subscribe to.

In the first Motoring podcast Damien and David discuss the Porsche 911 Targa, Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk, the launch of the 5-door Mini and the finalists of the NZ Motoring Writers’ Guild/AA Car of the Year awards, among other things.

Head over to this link now to hear it and feel free to nod sagely in agreement, or spit your morning coffee onto a surprised cat in vehement disagreement at what they have to say.

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