Is the new Top Gear in trouble before it even starts?

Is the new Top Gear in trouble before it even starts?

The UK tabloids are getting a head start on putting the boot into the new version of Top gear many months ahead of its proposed starting date (May 2016) by saying that “insiders” are claiming that the new show is an utter mess while still in the early production stages.

A report by The Sun is very in-depth and detailed – leading us to believe at least some of it – and makes a number of worrying claims about the show’s production and new host Chris Evans, including the fact that he apparently crashed a brand new Jaguar on his very first time around the Top Gear track!

Other claims the article makes include the fact that the show “has had to become a lot more PC following the Clarkson row,” (which shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone), while Evans, called a “control freak” by the “insider” is at odds with producers over how much control he has – he wants total ownership over the show like longtime producer Andy Wilman had but the BBC says there’s “too much at stake for a show worth more than £50 million a year in merchandising, live events and other revenue sources.”

While Evans is also said to be struggling with pre-recorded segments (which is basically everything), being more used to a live setting, perhaps the most worrying revelation is that the production team apparently “doesn’t know anything about cars” and that writers from Top Gear magazine had to be brought in to “suggest ideas”. Hey… I used to write for Top Gear NZ…

The article also alleges that the BBC is worried about the relatively low mainstream profiles of the other new presenters that have just been announced; David Coulthard, Chris Harris and Sabine Schmitz. While all relatively well known in the car world, Schmitz and Harris are relatively unknown to the wider public (despite Harris being damn near the best motoring journo on the planet…) and Coulthard  – while exceptionally knowledgable – is hardly the most exciting and characterful F1 driver…

This, however, is all said to be part of Evan’s plans and he wanted them because “they’re relative unknowns outside the car world, and he wants to stay the star of the show.”

Personally, we were hoping to get all the vaguely car-related silliness and and gratuitous use of the word “cock” from Clarkson, Hammond and May’s new show for Amazon, while Top Gear would revert to its older form of being a good car show with a decent budget and knowledgable presenters, but – the brilliant Chris Harris aside – this ain’t sounding too promising… plus Evans IS a massively annoying ginger twat, so that’s not good.

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  • Richard Hobo

    …Schmitz and Harris are relatively unknown to the wider public (despite Harris being damn near the best motoring journo on the planet…) Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Are you serious? Chris Harris is a complete twat. I’ve watched a few of his online videos and I’ve hated all of them. He doesn’t know his arse from a hole in the ground. He’s got a whingey, whiny voice, a horrible accent and he doesn’t even like the MX-5. I’m getting so sick of internet motoring journos raving on and on with a near psychotic tedium about this bald-headed monkey as if he invented oxygen, beer and boobs. Am I missing something? Am I not on the right email list? If monkey boy does make it onto my TV screen, I’ll have to build a wire security fence in front of it to avoid having to buy a new television every week after I’ve thrown stuff at it, (Hot Wheels mystery models, probably, as they’ve never turned out to be anything good), in my absolute venomous rage and hatred at this worthless, pointless prick.

    • Are you missing something? I would say yes, but certainly not a smug sense of internet-entitlement that comes from spewing vitriol from behind the safety of your keyboard. Loved the sly “internet journos” insult, by the way – it was the smartest thing you wrote! Oh, and whether or not you masturbate furiously over a small, fun, but over-rated Japanese car isn’t really the standard by which motoring journalists are judged…

      • Richard Hobo

        Ok Oversteer, (if that is your real name), firstly, a game of hide and seek would be weird with you if you think I’m hiding behind my keyboard by using my real name and photograph of myself in my profile pic… I didn’t intend to insult you, but hey you gobble it up if you feel like it. As for the sentence that you feel was the smartest thing I wrote contained not only the word internet, but also journo, I suspect it’s probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever written. As for your last statement, well, probably the less said, the better, but just for the record, I have never done anything untoward on, in, or near a Mazda MX-5. Anyway, if you can tear yourself away from Mr Harris, (I just watched a couple more of his clips to reaffirm my position that I really don’t rate him), try checking out Regular Car Reviews, Mighty Car Mods, Petrolicious and especially Roadkill. They might just give you something to think about.

        • I clearly owe you an apology. I assumed your “internet journo” jibe was a sly and clever insult based on my decade-long career as a print motoring journalist, but it clearly came from a place of truly clueless ignorance… that’s a shame… I sincerely apologise for overestimating your intelligence.

          You might want to brush up on those reading comprehension skills though – I neither used the word “hiding” nor inferred that you were. I merely suggested you were a coward who would happily write something horrible on the internet about another person you have never met, but would never have the balls to say the same thing to their face.