Swear like a millionaire

Swear like a millionaire

Popbitch is one of our favourite weekly email newsletters, featuring brilliantly sarcastic reporting of gossip and scandals from the world of politics, entertainment and, occasionally, motorsport, like this fantastic take on Formula 1’s new swearing regulations:

Formula 1’s authorities have updated the F1 code for what fines drivers will now get for swearing. Dropping the big ones (cunt, fuck, wanker) lands a $10K fine, but there are a couple of other tiers for milder offences.


Call someone arsehole, bastard or shithead and you’ll only get a bill for $5K.


For the potty mouth on a budget there’s a $2,500 tier. For the price of one wanker you can get a tit, a dickhead, a knobhead and a prick.


Will this system work? Seeing as Sebastian Vettel picks up around $2.3 million a race, he could call Charlie Whiting a tit 1,800 times in the final two GPs and still turn a profit.


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