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Ford GT: Ready To Take On Ferrari!

It’s an XCAR double feature today! Okay, mainly because we forgot to post the Defender one last week, but, hey – more XCAR is always good! And this is a good one – more than 50 years after the Ford GT40 exploded onto the motorsport scene, Ford is returning to Le Mans with the all-new 2016 Ford GT! We have seen the road car and it is awesome…


We are at the Further With Ford trend conference in California and today we got a chance to get up close and personal with the incredible new Ford GT at the company’s Research and Innovation Centre in Palo Alto! We weren’t allowed inside the GT, but we did get a bunch of pics and even a quick video for you to enjoy!

Muscle where it matters: XCAR drives a Shelby Mustang

The latest video from our friends at XCAR sees them driving an automotive legend – a Shelby Mustang GT S/C. A big supercharged V8, loads of power and a truly apocalyptic noise, the Shelby Mustang GT is all that is American and then some. That is probably why it makes sense at home, but not really anywhere else. Watch what the XCAR team thinks and enjoy!

ROAD TEST: Subaru Legacy GT Spec.B Premium wagon

ROAD TEST: Subaru Legacy GT Spec.B Premium wagon
The Subaru Legacy turbo wagon has been something of a performance icon in New Zealand since they poured into the country in their thousands back in the Japanese imports days of the early ’90s. Since then the used imports have dried up and Subaru have moved out of their ...