The Good Oil: Chinese Hummer Jeep

The Good Oil: Chinese Hummer Jeep

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It would seem that Chinese knock-offs of Western cars is not just limited to their consumer cars – the military is getting in on the act as well!

The chunky blend of Hummer and Jeep styling cues pictured above is supposedly the vehicle that the People’s Liberation Army of China has selected as its next official off-roader – the Yongshi Warrior!

The PRA's new vehicle, the BAIC Warrior. Photo / Supplied For use in Driven Magazine, 5th December, GOOD OiL. DRIVEN USE ONLY

Built by the Beijing Automotive Industry Holding company (BAIC), the Warrior has actually been around for a few years, but has only recently been given official army approval.

Details on the Warrior are scarce at this stage, but it doesn’t exactly look particularly rugged, with interior shots showing a wide range of nasty, cheap-looking plastics that don’t exactly look particularly hardy.

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