We found out what it is!

We found out what it is!

A few days back you may have seen the fantastic red truck, um, thing I found on the side of the road north of Albany in Auckland. I had no idea what it was, but fell instantly in love with it. I mean, it had chrome flames!

Well, it turns out that the truck is based on a 2004 GMC Sierra and was built by  Alan “MadGeordie” Sutton who is also responsible for a range of weird and wonderful creations like the Rocket Campers and a range of superbly mad Minis, including the awesome Mini V6 Retro that is a common sight around the Albany area.

Yeah, this is a camper… quite possibly the best one on the planet!

Alan has a brilliant YouTube channel under the name MadGeordie where he documents all of his on-going creations and it is well worth checking out. You can watch Part 1 of the GMC (that now stands for “Geordie Motor Company”) below, and then click here to watch the other 18 or so parts of the series! By the way, his current project is an eight-cylinder racing ride-on lawnmower…

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