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Aston Martin DB10: For Bond’s Behind Only

James Bond’s new ride, the DB10 is the latest in a long line of Aston Martins that have been driven in Her Majesty’s Secret Service. XCAR took a look at the beauty to see what 007 has to look forward to in Spectre.

Fundamentally British – theAFICIONAUTO

Okay, so it’s not a DB5, but it has MACHINE GUNS! And an ejector seat… This episode of theAFICIONAUTO is a Bond-tastic tribute to a gorgeous Aston Martin DB6 that has been given the full Goldfinger treatment. While the fact that it isn’t actually a DB5 makes you want to say “so why bother?” the detail and level of attention that has been lavished on this car still make it worthwhile. Watch and enjoy!